The 3D gun show makes watching TV news great again (w/Video)

I would like to personally thank Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed for creating the whole 3D gun “controversy.”

It’s one helluva show.

The TV talking heads and self-anointed gun know-it-alls are positively frothing at the mouth, every hour on the hour, as if 3D guns are some type of gateway drug to unchecked malicious hooliganism.

“This is the most important story in the country,” one ‘gun violence prevention advocate’ told CNN.

The sky is definitely falling, they say, and downloadable guns are the cause, right?

For me, it’s better than binge watching an entire season of South Park.

In my humble opinion, the whole 3D gun thing is like an inside joke that only the gun community seems to get.

No serious gun owner I know wants a 3D printed gun. I know of no one who has any plans to buy a 3D printer. None of my friends are planning to make a 3D gun. Most shooters I’ve spoken to wouldn’t trust an all-plastic homemade gun. They value their eyes and fingers a bit too much.

To me, they’re like a hand grenade with a handle.

Still, the response from the other team to the release of Wilson’s 3D firearms blueprints has been overwhelming.

And it’s damn fun to watch, because 3D guns are the new bogeyman!

To that crowd, 3D guns are scarier than standard-capacity magazines, “assault weapons,” bump-fire stocks and chainsaw bayonets combined. And, of course, all the politicians want to play. How else would they get their 15 minutes of fame?

To catch you up on some of the legal hijinks:

  • In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Gov. Tom Wolf, and the state police blocked access to Wilson’s downloadable gun schematics. The First Amendment be damned! 
  • In New Jersey, the attorney general sent Defense Distributed a cease and desist letter. Wilson’s group had to sue the AG for trying to block access to his website.
  • In Texas, a federal judge denied a request by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety and the Giffords Law Center to stop Wilson from publishing his blueprints.
  • And late last week U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, who hails from New Jersey, of course, introduced a federal bill to ban the production of 3D firearms.

The one thing history has shown us time and time again is that there is no law ever passed that can keep guns out of the hands of criminals, because criminals — by definition — don’t care about the law.

Here’s to hoping the bad guys opt for the homemade variety from now on, in manly calibers like 10mm and .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum.

There will be lines, blocks long, outside of every emergency room comprised of ne’er-do-wells seeking to have plastic shrapnel removed from their faces and have digits reattached.

The hook and the eye patch may become cool again.

3D guns are pure Darwinism, man — foolish tools for foolish people.

I don’t think they constitute the next big threat to the Republic.

In the meantime, TV news is fun again, so pop some corn, open an adult beverage and enjoy the show.


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Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


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  2. 60 yrs ago in NYC high school auto/metalworking shop we learned to build “craft-guns” —among other more usefull products—back in those days the schools tought us valuable tradesman skills–as a pathway to journeyman apprentice, and ultimately trade union membership–and getting good paying jobs as plumbers, electricians, builders, architects, repairmen, auto mechanics, body men, draughtsmen, engineers, conductors, motormen, etc,
    60 yrs ago the aim of NYC schools was to prepare their students for profitable life-long sasitfying middle-class careers that benefitted society a a whole–as opposed to many of today’s current degree specialties. DMD FRHS ’57; NYU LAW JD ’65; ADELPLHI UNIV PHD ’67

  3. You may also look up “craft-guns” and see what guns were hand-made in China almost a 1,000 years ago–and what is presently made in the home-workshops of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, and other “3-world” countries–what do you think they are using against us to kill our troops !!!

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