CNN, Scottish media targeting Sarasota huntress Larysa Switlyk

This is a bunch of crap.

Sarasota huntress and fishing phenom Larysa Switlyk travels the world hunting and fishing for her “Larysa Unleashed” media conglomerate.

About a month ago, she knocked down some kind of Scottish goat and … well … the locals went bonkers on her. It turns out that the mommy of some Scottish tennis player took offense.

We all know how the UK is about guns. Not even their police are armed.

Larysa’s pic was put on the cover of the local paper,  There was a bunch of nasty social media and, according to Larysa, there were some death threats.

There’s absolutely no excuse for that.

And now, given the opportunity to lambaste an American hunter — especially a female hunter — CNN has joined the fray.


To be clear, like all of her hunts, this one was completely legal and all of the necessary permits and licenses were obtained. Larysa hunts for a living, after all.

I know Larysa. I’ve interviewed her and had her on my show. She’s a true conservationist. She eats what she shoots. She’s a far cry from the “trophy hunter” that CNN called her in their story.

I wish her well.


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  3. How is it that CNN can actually criticize anyone for hunting, something that a lot of people have to do to survive and has been going on since something was moving on earth. Personally I don’t hunt because it is cheaper to buy meat for me, hunting in Arizona is a challenge, but I cannot fault anyone that puts their kill on the table and eats it, in many cases wild game is a lot safer to eat. We harvest cattle, chickens and pork or whatever we raise for meat just to keep from all the crap that raising heards to be bigger and somewhat healthy. The ironic thing is most people buy meat and never think about where it came from and what has to be done to process their meat.

  4. This is absolutely insane, Scots complaining about hunting? This women is a true honorary highlander and should be held in the highest regard and much more respect than the news media (specially CNN for gods sake). This only goes to prove what happens when a proud people like us Scots take break for a moment and somehow not notice that our children and some family members are wearing yoga pants, drinking wheatgrass smoothies and wearing man buns on their heads. Kilt up!! And learn from this fine lass how that meat gets to yer table….go back to school and learn that we invented Haggis.

  5. She hunts for a “living”? If she hunted for food I could almost stomach it, but hunting “for a living” is disgusting.

    • Richard R. Pope on

      Didn’t you read the article. It states that she eats what she kills. Grow up!
      America: Love it or Leave it!

      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,


      • This was in my country not yours. Scotland which a third of you claim descent from. Scotland like our views or leave it.

  6. Actually most of the time professional hunters, if they do not consume their game, they donated to needy families and Other organizations to help feed people In need

    • M. J.

      AGREED! As my relatives would say, “if you are able to something extremely well and very fine…then do it!” As this fine women does, Otherwise your just a Richard.” Not a slight against the name, it just meant that you were well to do and always had someone else do the real work for ya!

      Just sayin,
      Saor Alba Gu Bra’th

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