BREAKING: Florida Carry Inc. sues Miami Beach Police for confronting legally armed fishermen

Lee’s note: This just in from Florida Carry Inc.


Miami Beach, FL – A lawsuit for deprivation of civil rights under color of law and violations of Florida firearms and fishing laws has been filed today against the City of Miami Beach and officers of its police department over an incident where the officers assaulted, battered, and detained law-abiding fishermen at a Florida Carry fishing meetup on the South Pointe Fishing Pier on June 24th 2018.

The incident was captured on video (link below). Dubbed the “South Pointe Six”, six Florida Carry members and supporters were held by police for well over two hours without cause, while the police officers went on a fishing expedition of the own in an illegal attempt to find something … anything … the officers could use in order to charge the “South Pointe Six” with a crime before finally failing and releasing them.

Even after eventually releasing Florida Carry’s members, the Police Department forced the premature end of our First Amendment protected gathering by closed the public fishing pier until all known Florida Carry members and supporters left the area.

“Florida Carry will not allow our members to be abused, injured, held without cause, and have their civil rights violated without the strongest possible response to prevent these types of attacks on the good, law-abiding, citizens of our Great State.” said Florida Carry Executive Director, Sean Caranna.

“Most police officers and deputies that we encounter are outstanding professionals who have an incredibly tough job to do, we respect that honor that. However, we’ve seen these types of abuses happen far too many times in cities and counties who do not respect the Right to Bear Arms. Every City and County in Florida should already know that proper training about the legal possession and carry of firearms is necessary.

“These types of abuses will not be tolerated – IT ENDS HERE.”

The plaintiffs are represented by Florida Carry General Counsel Eric Friday.

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  1. What’s wrong with those fishermen. How I know or the police know they are a good guys. Why they are exhibit the guns.

    From me EXCELLENT and proud of the police.

    • That’s not how the law works. Police can’t randomly stop people and assume they are criminals. They must have probable cause and reason to suspect. Fishing while open carrying is completely legal, therefore the police had zero reason and zero authority to detain and search these men. How would you like it if the police pulled you over and searched your car because your car looks fast and they just assumed you were driving reckless at some point? Or stopped you and searched you because you looked like someone that did drugs? What the officers did was not only illegal by Florida law, it was a violation of multiple amendments to the bill of rights.

      • Pedro A. Morejon on

        Excellent! It’s about time people start demanding their rights be respected. Citizens do not have to prove they are not criminals. I all for police, but some officers in the big cities think they have a monopoly on carrying guns. Good for Fliorida Carry!

    • Nothing wrong with them, they’re following the law of the state. The police should’ve handled it differently. Instead of going in aggressively they could’ve went in and spoke to the individuals.

    • There’s nothing wrong with the fisherman. They’re following the laws of the state. Those officers are in the wrong and they know it, they could’ve handled the situation totally different. Instead of going to tactical they could’ve spoke to the individuals. As police they should know what the law is.

    • Sometimes, I wonder how the Nazis were able to slaughter millions of people under the very noses of the German citizenry, but then I read posts like yours and see how easy it really is. So many are willing to throw away their rights and eagerly hand them over to the Gestapos of the day.

    • You an ignant twit. Simple they ask a few simple questions and go about their job some where else. Instead of harassing law abiding citizens.

    • Fishing, hunting and camping with open carry is completely legal. Every LEO in the State knows this. The only reason that a LEO could be concerned and attempt an arrest is they were drinking alcohol while carrying on the boat or pier.

  2. I read that statute when I was a rookie cop. We had people who would fish off bridges and this law was a need to know. I can’t believe these officers don’t know that. All he had to do is check the paper and check with his supervisor.

  3. I’m not familiar with the “fishing law”, but from what I gather it means that if a person has a permit to carry a weapon that as long as they are fishing that weapon does not need to be concealed, even if fishing from the top of a bridge. As a “licensed to carry” person I always obey the law and never expose my weapon. And if I was fishing from a bridge I would still feel no need to expose it, even if it is legal. If the fish saw my gun, would that intimidate it to bite at my line?

    • I agree, I always have mine concealed. I don’t want people to know I’m carrying. that leaves you vulnerable on my opinion.

  4. No, the law states that anyone can open carry in their home, to and from work, at work if their employer allows it, while camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking.

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