Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried wants radical changes to the concealed carry process

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried doesn’t just want to tinker with the state’s vaunted concealed weapon licensing system. She wants to violently overhaul it.

According to the Capital News Service, one of Fried’s proposals would have concealed carriers renewing their licenses after just five years, instead of the seven years that are required now.

But, in my humble opinion, the most worrisome idea to come from the state’s lone Democrat holding statewide elected office is that she wants to require CCW licensees to take a mandatory concealed-carry class every single time they renew their license.

“If you have gone through a course one year and then you’ve waited five or seven years, haven’t picked up your gun again, haven’t cleaned it, haven’t gone back to the range your likelihood of you harming yourself if you need it increases,” Fried told the Capital News Service, adding that she believes her ideas will find wide bipartisan support.

Now, we’ve previously reported that Commissioner Fried has both a CCW license and a medical marijuana card — in contravention of federal law.

These ideas ideas of hers confirm she’s using one card a helluva lot more than the other.

She must be high if she thinks that nanny-state mentality will fly in Florida.

If you’re reading this, Commissioner Fried, let me be very clear — most people who carry a concealed firearm go to great lengths to continue their training. They don’t need you sending them back to kindergarten every five years just because you spend more time with a bong than a Glock and are therefore incapable of comprehending the realities, complexities and responsibilities of daily defensive carry. By the way, your examples are laughable — or at least they would be if they weren’t so insulting and demeaning.

I hope the Legislature looks at Fried’s ideas the same way I look at a Cheech and Chong movie. They’re funny, at first, but after a while you realize it’s just a couple stoners goofing off.


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  1. paul Vincent zecchino on

    Never ever trust a gun controller. Ever.

    Never, ever trust a drug user. Ever.

    Never listen to a syllable uttered by a drug using gun grabber. All that they say is tainted, crooked, corrupt.

    Exactly what condition has this healthy appearing, well nourished female which requires treatment by medical marijuana? Are there no other drugs to treat said unspecified condition? Does this condition or conditions interfere with her ability to perform her sworn duties?

    Why no enforcement action against this one? In other states, holders of medical marijuana cards have lost carry permits and had guns confiscated for being habitual users, haven’t they? Why’s she special?

    Is there a lack of training on part of concealed carry permit holders? Or is she using that fake problem to corral CWP holders into a rigged ‘safety course’ designed to fail the majority of students? Is that the half-clever manner by which she plans to erase Florida’s Second Amendment? Isn’t that how her sugar daddy, Bloomberg, succeeded in revoking two thirds of NYC citizens’ carry permits?

    If as she claims, she’s not out to take anyone’s guns or permits, she’s a mighty strange way of showing it, infesting her office with anti-Second Amendment zealots, hasn’t she?

  2. This is communist incrementalism, to slowly ratchet down ones rights by increasing taxation and regulation. There is no evidence to support her conjecture that CCW licensees become unsafe over time. Whats clear is that communist politicians like her are the real danger. And where is the FDLE now that the Ag Commissioner is exposed with her marijuana use and gun possession ? Asleep.

    • paul Vincent zecchino on

      General Ripper – Agree, totally. This time, it’s every five years. Shortly, she’ll toot her kazoo for annual renewals and psych evals which of course no one will pass. This is how Broward County Clownissars denied citizens their Rights until the 1987 CCW system was created. Should someone pass the Broward psych tribunal, the fee was one thousand dollars annually in pre-1990s money.

      This is the system Bloomberg wants to inflict upon Florida, to soften it up for the demshevik takeover. Fried is nothing but his errand girl, doing as she’s told with the zeal typical of communists.

      She’s a druggie and should be called to account. But apparently the FDLE is all in with this witch.

  3. Dear Sir,
    As law abiding citizens of the state of Florida, we fully support HB 6003 which would repeal the “Red Flag Law”, and HB 273 which allows for constitutional carry in light of the new Agriculture Sec’s recent anti-gun statements and we also are against any and all anti-gun bills that infringe on our constitutional rights from Bloomberg’s bunch of out of state paid actors, activist and protesters who are bused into Tally and do not speak for the law abiding citizens of Florida.
    Next time, take a look down the street at all of the out of state buses that they use for their traveling circus act. Please do not allow these out of state, radical dem’s who are acting as the paid agents of Bloomberg to make any new laws or policies in our great state.

    Thank you.

  4. Burn up the phone lines and flood the mail boxes of your Florida Rep’s to stop these marxist and commies in their tracks.

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