High praise for a great firearms instructor and friend

Bob Keller training sheriff’s deputies and members of the Escalon Police Department in California last weekend. (Photo courtesy Jeff Laugero)

Those of you who follow this site know my friend and podcast co-host Bob Keller.

Bob’s a legend in the Special Operations community, and a veteran of the Army’s most elite counter-terrorism unit.

He took the skills, knowledge and techniques he learned from hundreds of gunfights and now teaches them to civilian and law enforcement students through his private training firm, Gamut Resolutions.

Bob completely changed the way I train, after just a few hours at the range. And evidently, word is getting out about his new style of realistic, no-BS training.

I received this unsolicited email this morning and had to share. The email is reprinted with the author’s permission:

Hello Lee,

I just wanted to thank you for your article “A Commando’s Tale” on Bob. That article led me to Gamut Resolutions which ultimately led to Bob coming to California for an Operation Blue training for our department. The instruction was the best I have ever received in over 30 years of training. and that sentiment was shared by every participant.

The Operation Blue class was followed by a hosted class, as we could not accommodate everyone that wanted to attend the Operation Blue course. The hosted class was primarily range masters from neighboring agencies. Not only are they going to incorporate what they learned from Bob into their agency training, several shot his SOT signature rifle and have since reached out to SOT… Needless to say the training and the rifle were incredible and the buy in to the instructor, instruction and rifle by the attendees was complete.  One range master commented, “Paradigm shift…total redo of range concepts for the better.”

The host would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bob and Garrett for the SOT/Gamut Resolutions Robert Keller signature rifle. Flawless.

Since the hosted class, we have confirmed yet another intro to carbine and pistol course for still more officers we could not accommodate in the Operation Blue and hosted classes. The word of mouth from the first two has led to a number of calls from individual officers wanting to attend the next Bob Keller training. We are already working on scheduling a fourth class here in California.

Thank you for introducing us to Bob with your article. Our thanks to Bob for providing instruction to agencies around the country, even those that may not have the budget necessary to receive training of this caliber. Anyone considering a course from Bob should get it on the books ASAP. We are going to try and keep him busy in California for the foreseeable future.

With every good wish,

Jeff Laugero
City of Escalon

Merry Christmas, everybody!



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