Pentagon dunces buckle under media pressure, sell out our most elite troops

Walk into the Pentagon on any given day and you’ll see colonels bringing coffee, a galaxy of stars and, apparently, no one with more than a room-temperature IQ.

There’s a strange but time-proven truism about the place: The officers who want to be there, shouldn’t be there, and the officers who don’t want to be there, need to be there.

So what’s the latest from the Cement Sanitorium?

Well, just like a young cub reporter, some ticket-punching Pentagonians turned a few isolated incidents into a trend story, regardless of the facts.

By now you’ve heard about the isolated incidents, which involve alleged misconduct by a few SEALs and SF guys. These are isolated incidents, certainly not a trend among our Special Operations Forces.

In fact, given that there are more than 70,000 personnel assigned to SOCOM and an oh-so-secret number at JSOC, and only a handful of isolated incidents, I’d say our elite forces are doing a pretty good job of policing themselves.

Still, the Puzzle Palace warriors buckled because of the faux trend and commissioned a study, which, to bureaucrats is one step below a blue-ribbon panel.

They had to get to the bottom of what was allegedly ailing our snake-eaters, right?

But why?

Well, it was media pressure, of course — which is often the reason for a lot of bad decisions.

Rather than manning up, walking to the podium and loudly and proudly exclaiming that there was nothing wrong with our SOF community, they checked their balls with their hats and coats and commissioned a study.

And what did the study find?

Well, it’s the troops’ fault, of course. They were too busy warfighting to “develop good leaders.” It actually says that. As if combat doesn’t forge good leaders.

And what did the media assigned to Ft. Fumble do?

Well, they lapped it up like it was some damn banana pudding.

Of course the study found that no one at the Pandemonium Palace on the Potomac was responsible, even though they’ve been working our SOF harder than a rented mule.

By the way, what should our SOF have done? Held professional development classes between missions? Talked about their feelings more? Group hugs? Aromatherapy?

This study is a classic blame shifter. It’s an insult to anyone wearing wings and a tab.

I have to wonder whether anyone at Disneyland East has even met a special operator.

I have, more than a few. They all have very similar traits.

The first thing you notice is their professionalism. These are strack troops. And then you’ll notice their maturity. There’s no hoorah here. These are quiet, experienced hunters of men. In fact, that’s pretty much all they want to do.

If the O’s at the Five Sided Foxhole really want to support our elite warfighters, they’d give them more targets and less bullshit.

That, friends, is all they really want.

They certainly don’t need to be slandered by senior officers who lack the moral fibre to stand up for them, even though that’s why they get all the damn salutes.



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