Joe Biden’s gun control plan will cost me more than $30,000

The centerpiece of Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control plan is to force all “assault weapons” and magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds under the regulatory authority of the National Firearm Act of 1934.

That means that gun owners would have to pay a $200 tax on every firearm that meets the definition of an “assault weapon” — I’m aware there and a host of problems with this definition — and a $200 tax on every magazine that can hold 11 or more rounds.

As it stands now, if you violate the NFA you could face up to 10 years in a federal prison and a $10,000 fine, so the law is nothing to trifle with.

That said, I took a spin through the gun safe and through the boxes of mags in the gun room armed with a calculator.

There were a few firearms, an M1 Carbine with a paratrooper stock and a tactical 870, which I wasn’t sure would make Uncle Joe’s “assault weapon” list, so they weren’t counted. The rest were easy.

AKs? $200 each.

Same for the ARs.

CETME? A $200 Spanish mistake.

Finnish M39, Russian Mosin Nagant, SKSs and a ton of others — all good.

But the magazines were the real kick in the butt.

Keep in mind that 10+ pistol mags would become “assault weapons” just like AR and AK mags.

I stopped counting when I hit $30,000.

Thanks, Uncle Joe. Your plan will make me either a criminal or a pauper.


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Lee Williams can’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t shooting. Before becoming a journalist, Lee served in the Army and worked as a police officer. He’s earned more than a dozen journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. He is an NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructor, an avid tactical shooter and a training junkie. When he’s not busy as a senior investigative reporter, he is usually shooting his AKs, XDs and CZs. If you don’t run into him at a local gun range, you can reach him at 941.284.8553, by email, or by regular mail to 1777 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236. You can follow him on Twitter: @HT_GunWriter and on Facebook @The Gun Writer.


    • we won’t be able to stop it. slow joe doesn’t have the the mind to be president of this once great country, that’s why the dems are pushing so hard to get him in office. he will make an excellent democrat puppet for nancy pelosi and the rest of the dirt bags. they will have a free rein at taking our guns and moron joe will sign all of their bills. they will make him feel proud and tell him it was his idea and how great he is while they abuse his authority and destroy this country day by day.

    • T W Archibald on

      It’s not like there’s a record of every mag you’ve ever purchased. Don’t let them know you have it until you have to use it. Set $200 aside to hand over when the need arises.

    • Hope the Supreme Court comes in clutch is about the only way to stop it. Tons of lawsuits and call your local politicians (House/Senate Reps) and tell them about it. Say its important and you’re against any further gun legislation.

  1. Ouch. A man could do a lot with $30,000. I counted up about $10,000 in my own safe. Hopefully, the Republicans can at least hold on to the Senate so they can stop all these useless Dem bills. Even if Biden wins, Republicans can still effectively block all the nonsense the Dems try and push.

    • T W Archibald on

      I’m not sure that there’s enough idiots in the law enforcement community at any level, to attempt to enforce these proposed laws. There are 120 million law abiding armed Americans. How many idiots can they afford to lose? I don’t own most of these high dollar weapons like AR’s but, the so called enforcers of the future still have to worry about crossfire because, my neighbors own several and I will defend their right to have them.

  2. Senile Uncle Joe’s NFA Plan for the Average Guy will be for the gun world was prohibition was for alcohol. Everyone still wanted it, and though a Federal law, it was the most flouted law in history. NFA for the Average Guy will be just as despised, and ARs and mags are not consumables, unlike bourbon and gin. It is estimated that the compliance rate for the big Australian turn in was 20%. I wouldn’t give Senile Uncle Joe’s plan even that high a prospect for success.

  3. It’s sad, I get people don’t want to be felons. But it is inevitable, Biden might not win this one. But I’m sure they will take the 2024 elections and because of the way Trump handled the bump-stock case by just telling the ATF to classify it as illegal. It has made it exponentially easier for any anti-gun politician to go after your 30 round detachable magazines, your collapsible stock and pistol grips. Trump may have not made any actual firearm illegal but he sure made it easier to have our gun parts and accessories taken away.

  4. JoeBiden ForPresident on

    It’s always amusing to see how people wig out over the slightest threat of anything related to gun control.

    No, they are not coming door to door with law enforcement or even soldiers, as some morons would believe, to confiscate your guns.

    Hate to spoil it for you all, but slumpty dumpty do-nothing Donald Trump will be put out in January. I suggest you start dealing with it.

    • Whitney_maga_boy on

      As a soldier and American, 95% of the soldiers I speak with would never follow the left into battle against other Americans. Also, very little law enforcement Agencies back the the democrats. You will see a revolt from military and law enforcement if the left tries to take guns and rights from the American people. Good luck surviving when this country fails, the stock market crashes and food supplies dwindle, because operation cost for farmers are too high. You will wish you didn’t vote for Biden then! Harris will be the worst thing this country will ever try and endure.

    • Well obviously they aren’t going to go “door to door” with armed soldiers/leos, but the end goal of the left IS to ban all guns. Some on the left have said this. Why would Biden’s plan here be problematic? Well first of all, they are forcing the government onto you by saying “you have to let us “buyback” (even though they never owned it) your gun or you have to pay $200 for every “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine (10+). That would eliminated most 9mm PISTOL MAGAZINES. Joe Biden himself has said he is going to “come for your AR-14’s” and take them. What does that mean? Likely a mandatory buyback a few years after they figure out everyone left who has an “assault weapon” because all of the people who decided to be good citizens and not become felons overnight signed up all of their names onto a gun/magazine registry. Their entire goal is to confiscated *SOME* guns and to eventually confiscate all of them.

      Look at the massive power that the ATF alone has. They have the same powers as the legislative and executive branches in determining some gun laws and they are slowly working their way towards the destruction of any short barrel rifle.

      Finally, I find it ironic that you say “do-nothing Donald Trump”, I don’t know many dems who say Trump did “nothing”. If dems also get the Senate, they will even more quickly work towards getting gun control done and the previous points said and done in legislation. It would turn quite literally MILLIONS of Americans to felons overnight if they decided not to write all of their names down in a government system of who has what gun as well as paying a massive amount of money that most people simply don’t have.

  5. You are an insult to America. I’ve said my piece. I won’t be looking for your reply so, make your rebuke if you just can’t stand being told the truth. I won’t see it. Don’t care about your opinion. Don’t care if you don’t like mine. Democrats. What a joke. Someone breaks into your house at night and points a gun at you and your family…good look with your defensive 9 iron.

  6. Just so we’re clear it’s on newly purchased guns not guns we already own so I’m not sure where you’re getting your information. Also not sure why one would need so many guns but to each his own.

    • First off, it is not only limited to newly purchased guns. Check out his website and read down on his policies. Second, because there are many different kinds of guns with many different kinds of pros and cons for different situations. Just like why someone may need more than a putter as someone else suggested. Why do you NEED more than one flavor of skittle? More than one kind of spoon or fork? Knife? Seasonings? Its all the same; they all follow the same basis but each have differences and pros and cons.

  7. Not one comment here was about curbing gun violence and the devastating impact that guns designed to kill as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, have had on our nation. No mention of Sandy Hook, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, etc. It would be amazing if someone came along and acknowledged that the US had the 28th most number of deaths due to gun violence of any county in the world in 2019 and that there is a simple correlation of the amount of violence to the availability of legal or illegal gun ownership (see

    Biden will propose a ban on the future sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines and a voluntary buy back or registry program for silencers, short barreled rifles, and machine guns. That leaves plenty of fire power for marksmanship, self defense, and hunting. One friend of mine is actually finding air rifles to be plenty lethal and a good challenge when deer hunting. I for one think we will be safer without all that firepower out there.

    • unfortunately you have no understanding of what the 2nd amendment was designed for. If you really think it for hunting Bambi, putting food on the table or for target practice, you need to get educated. The reason we have the 2nd amendment is to guard against a out of control government. Look to history, the first thing a dictator does on gaining power, confiscate all weapons, make sure the the populace has no means of self defense. I have never seen a Republican call for gun confiscation, only democrats, why do you think that is? Why, when Obama was elected, gun sales went through the roof? So the argument of “when they wrote the 2nd amendment, all they had were muskets”. well guess what, that was the state of the art weapon, and as weapons have become more powerful, naturally, freedom loving citizens make sure they have these. Marjory Stoneman shooting, using that as an example is worthless. The authorities were warned about the shooter numerous time, they did nothing. Place blame where it should be placed. The high capacity magazine argument is another not worth talking about, I can change magazines in seconds, and I guarantee you, not one criminal on the street gives a crap what laws are written, gun laws only pertain to law abiding citizens. You lack of knowledge about our constitution are troubling.

    • Adrian – You are incorrect. The proposal is to classify ALL AR style weapons and large capacity mags as NFA, $200 per tax stamp. Current wait is 12-18 months. Of course you can also sell these to the government for whatever they decide it is worth. Silencers, SBR & Machine Guns are already Registered NFA weapons. Say I have 2 Glocks (pistols) with 3 standard 13 round mags – then that is $1,200 or I risk going to prison for 10 years. I believe you should read Biden’s website and learn about NFA.

    • Adrian,
      Knowledge is the antidote to fear. Did you know that more people are murdered by bats and blunt objects each year than ALL RIFLES (including “assault rifles”. Do you support a bat ban?” Crime is a problem, disarming the law abiding is the opposite of a solution. I could propose several solutions that are leas stupid than turning all of America into Chicago murderland (guns illegal).

  8. So I ran the numbers and it would cost me over $150K just to cover the magazines I own, so I will not be complying in any way shape or form should Biden get in and this type of bill become law.

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